Subproject 4a2: Field plot characteristics for estimating yield potential and control of cultivation practices (arboriculture)

This project focuses on arboriculture (tree nurseries). Goal is to develop precision farming techniques to provide  knowledge about the current state of soil on which the yield potential can be identified on a field plot scale. For soil sensing, existing techniques will be used (including Veris, EM 38 MK2, satellite images) to obtain geo-referenced information on physical characteristics of a field (OS, texture, pH) as a report, map or data file. These data are used for site-specific weed control and VRA of fertilizers.

Project partners:
•    Tree nursery L.B. Ruijgrok v.o.f.
•    Tree nursery M Willemsen & Zn. B.V.
•    Tree nursery De Buurte B.V.      
•    Tree nursery Liwardi VOF
•    Mart van Dijk Trree nursery B.V.   
•    Tree nursery Henri Fleuren B.V.
•    Agricultural service supply agency De Tol Opheusden   
•    Agrifirm Plant B.V.
•    ZLTO
•    Wageningen University and Research

Coordinator of Wageningen UR: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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