De FIspace webinars voor hen die toepassingen maken for SAF staan gepland voor 24, 27 en 31 Oktober 2014. Lees hieronder de (Engelse) tekst met de uitnodiging voor registratie:

The FIspace webinars for those making applications for  SAF have been scheduled to take place on 24, 27 and 31 October.  All those interested in participating must register and submit their questions in advance having reviewed the 12 FIspace video tutorials that are on the FIspace and SAF websites.
@ all - Please circulate the invitation below (and attached)directly to all of those who have contacted you expressing their interest in the SAF2 call and post on your websites etc.
@Iver – is there any way of sending a direct email to all of the 160+ registrations on the ICT – AGRI database.  Could you also post up on ICT – AGRI site
@Laura – can you post on SAF site and also put on LinkedIN group and Twitter.

It would be great to get a full attendance at each website so please circulate as widely as you can.

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